Free Patterns | For the Love! | Taco Pequeño pin pattern

Technology can be a game changer, but I still really enjoy writing my patterns out in pencil as I am designing. I reach for a pencil and paper more than any digital asset I own! Though, I do have a really long brain babble text to myself going on right now, nope, it's paper and pencil for lists and notes, quick thoughts and jots.. I carry a moleskin in my purse, and I have a never ending purse pocket full of post-it notes and scrap papers... I'm not the only one, right?! 

For the Love! is my new FREE pattern project! I love all the love I get from people about my work, and so to give back, I am going to share some of my pencil patterns with you! It might be a knit pattern or a crochet pattern or even a micro crochet pattern; I'm not quite sure yet, but for certain, it will be from my collection of papers! A little analog gift coming to you by way of tech. My recipe for picking which patterns I release will be... short and sweet makes tiny and cute! Sound good?

And the pattern that gets first honors is a quick, little crochet pattern... it's el Taco Pequeño pin pattern! 

We know a little bit about taco pride here in Austin, Texas! And it's because we know how awesome tacos are that we just naturally believe there must be a lot more taco lovers out there in the world, because.. TACOS. Stitch up one or two or three of these cute little taco babies so you and your friends can show taco pride wherever you go, no matter where you're from! Enjoy!

Of course on the first go there would be some Oopsies!  1.) A wee bit of the instructions in the top left of the image was slightly obscured. Here it is for clarification: Leave 3-4" tails when finished with a color -- to sew meat and greens to back fold. 2.) I realized I never wrote down that the tomatoes were made using the embroidery method, french knot stitch

If you have any questions or comments, DM me in Insta or hit me up using the contact form! I'd love to hear from you!

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