Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hanasaurusrex's ModCloth Style

Fun stuff! Modcloth invited me to create a style post to showcase what my Modcloth winter layering style would be, and, of course, I said yes! Modcloth is a top go-to the line up of online shops I frequent. I love their eclectic range products, which also includes an awesome vintage collection. If you’re not a user or member yet, I’d highly recommend a click-thru to feast upon all the goodness they have to offer. The shoes alone, people… the shoooooes!!!

For my Modcloth style post, I was asked to choose three tops for a winter, layered look and, for funzies, accessories I’d pair them with. I’d say, although not pictured, I’d probably pair this look with my favorite demins or skinny khakis.

I chose the simple Founded In Fashion top in ivory for wearing underneath that gorgeous blue One for the Book club blouse—the blue reminded me of the ocean in Hawaii, and it’s always nice to be reminded of Hawaii in the middle of a Texas winter! But It’s semi-sheer, so in case you get too warm for the sweater you can defrock and still have a couple layers on—Texas winters are also very unpredictable. It’s the Picture-Perfect Afternoon sweater, though, that I fell in love with first. I love the texture and the color… oh my goodness that color, so rich! There are so many other great sweaters in their collection; you can check out all their sweater sweetness here!

In my everyday style, I typically go for a clean, simple look; I like to think classic… but I always have to have at least one fun piece to throw in the mix! And the Spurs of the Moment booties, with their detachable spurs, fill that bill perfectly! I love the toile-esque print that reminds me of spring and has a bit of the blue and green in it to pull together the color scheme of the tops. Then I found the lovely Two-Tone to Tango reversible bag in teal… I repeat, reversible! The inside color matches the booties very nicely, which I love to be able to do, match my bag with my shoes. Come on ladies… it’s a major win kind of situation, yes?! 

And last but certainly not least, the final touches… The Magicicada earrings completely stole my heart, oh my! Add a classic gold Oliva Burton Teacup and Running wristwatch and the lovely long, gold Exhilarate and See necklace with it's extra hints of that wonderful deep, rich green and sweet pops of aqua, and I'm well-suited up for any cold winter day… all courtesy of ModCloth!

What's your ModCloth style? Swing on by and find out!



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