Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hazel & Hattie Bunny / New Hanasaurusrex Amigurumi Bunny Dolls

I would like to introduce you Hazel and Hattie Bunny. Two new Hanasaurusrex knitted amigurumi dolls. They're sisters/BFFs, and they love to go on adventures together!
Yesterday, they went exploring at the McKinley Park Rose Garden. The roses smelled amazing, bathed in morning sunlight, boasting all their full bloom, spring time glory. And they were in about every color you can imagine. Hazel loved the yellow roses best.
Hattie said she's a red rose kinda gal, but the white ones were lovely too.
After seeing all those beautiful roses, Hattie really wanted to pick flowers! So, she found some more her size. She said she picked this one for you!


Hazel & Hattie Bunny will be available in the Hanasaurusrex Etsy shop soon! Rose Garden Postcard sets will also be available. And if you'd like to knit your own Hazel & Hattie Bunny, I will be releasing their patterns sometime in late summer 2014.


Julie Crawford said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oh my gosh, these are so freaking adorable! Love the photos.

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