Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hanasaurusrex Meter Monster Sighting // San Mateo Meter Garden

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the downtown San Mateo Meter Garden project last week. Meet Mr. Giant Squid; the latest Hanasaurusrex meter monster!
Downtown San Mateo Association Artist in Residence, fellow yarnbomber (KnitsforLife) and friend, Lorna Watt, organized the event by gathering local artists to paint, adorn and in my case yarnbomb the decommissioned meters.
The meters were then "planted" in the meter garden and open to the public to donate monies by feeding the meters. The coins will be collected and used to fund more downtown local art installations! 
And how cool is it that San Mateo's, Mayor David Lim, donated $400 dollars from his own pocket, $100 in quarters for people to feed the meters during the event!
The kids really, really loved Mr. Squid! He received so many squeezes, tugs and hugs; we were pleasantly surprised how he just kept asking for more. It was a stroke of brilliance on Lorna's part to apply some hot glue to his head during the installation! It worked like a charm. Big thank you, Lorna, for the installation and making the pole sock to sew him to too.
All the meters were fab! From left to right: Anatomy of a parking meter skeleton—Julia Stack; Funky face—Sinem Banna; Frida—Ginger Slonaker; Balloon—Thomas-Joseph Carrieri; San Mateo landscape—Katelyn L. Miller; PAL—Kids from the San Mateo Police Activities League; and Fabric meter—D. Cinchon

I can't wait to collaborate with Lorna again! Keep a look out for more west coast yarnbombs from KnitsforLife and Hanasaurusrex!


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