Monday, January 28, 2013

I've been Snickety Snacked!

"What's a Snickety Snack," you ask? Why, it's a fabulous cookie made and decorated by the super talented Brittanie Reed. And I am still in awe of her cookie decorating skillz!
You may remember, a couple of years ago, I did a month or so of free downloadable illustrated goodies as Freebee Fridays. Well, the two most popular, The Beatles finger puppets and the Zombie Valentine's, made it over to Pinterest, and that's where Brittanie found them. Unbenounced to me, she was hard at work in her kitchen baking and decorating and immortalizing my illustrations onto her sugar cookies!
She contacted me when they were all done, and her photographer, Abram, had styled them, asking if I would be okay with her sharing the images... and, of course, I was much obliged! Oh my goodness, they're amazing, aren't they?!! Crazy good! I am completely honored that she was so inspired by my work.
I love this shot of the zombie valentine with the bite taken out of it! I want to take a bit out of it... it looks delicious!
Thanks so much, Brittanie! I love it when we artists inspire one another!

You can find Brittanie and her mom, Wendy, making many other sweet treats over in their shop,! And read about their haps on their Snickety Snack blog!

Now, I need to go get a cookie...


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