Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY bling'n garland poof ornament // gift tag

Last minute gift wrapping like me? Yeah... around here it's as much of a holiday tradition as Eggnog and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Yet, I don't find it at all a drudge. In fact, I love it. I love wrapping gifts almost as much as I love giving them! :D This year, during my flurry of holiday wrapping, I needed something to fill a small space, in a small box. Looking around, I found myself short of what I would have normally used, tissue paper, but what I did have was some of that oh-so wonderfully garish Christmas tree garland that brings back so many childhood memories. So, I started playing with it and some string, and in a few minutes, I had fashioned it into a cute little bling'n garland poof ornament, which you could also double as a gift tag. The end result had all the components necessary to make it a great DIY, fast, easy, cheap and cute, so, I thought I would share it.
You'll only need three things: 8" pieces of string, scissors and garland!
Step 1.) Cut the garland into 6" to 8" strips. (You can pull a little on the ends to remove any loose pieces. If this exposes the thin metal wires used to create the garland, you can bend and pinch the very tip of them down to keep additional pieces of garland from falling off.) 

Step 2.) Take the ends of the garland strip and bring them together to make a garland circle overlapping them about 1". {fig. 1}

Step 3.) Take a piece of string, and bringing it through the center of the circle, tie a knot in the middle where the two garland ends overlap. {fig. 1–2}

Step 4.) Twist the garland circle into a figure 8. {fig. 3}

Step 5.) Now, put your thumb and pointer finger through the lower loop of the figure 8. Pinching one of the two ends of the string, pull it through the lower loop.

Step 6.) Keep pulling the string so that the lower loop of the figure 8 folds over (up) to meet the original knot you tied and tie another knot with the two pieces of string. Then tie another knot to keep it all from coming untied. {fig. 3–4}
Step 7.) Thread a tag onto the string if you want to use it as a gift tag or just tie the two ends of the string into a knot at their top to form a loop for the ornament. You can also reshape the
ornament if your garland was created using those thin metal wires, and it will hold it's shape.

A very Merry Christmas to you all! I hope your holidays are very merry and bright and that your new year brings you much love, joy and peace.



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