Saturday, October 13, 2012

pumpkin spice and everything nice

Autumn is officially here! You know it as soon as you start seeing that warm, delicious pumpkin spice latte back at Starbucks. Oooo... pumpkin spice... right?!
I love autumn, but you don't really get to experience it here in Hawaii. I kinda get bummed every year around this time because it just doesn't feel like the holidays are approaching. So this year, I decided to put a little pumpkin spice into my life by making some pumpkin spice scented sachets for decorating and pins for wearing. And they turned out so nice that I decided to include them in my shop update! There's the ghosties family and the pumpkin sachets you can use for decorating; I think they'd also be great as table settings/gifts for a fall party too!

And spooky cute skull and pumpkin pins that, with a little squeeze, give you a sweet burst of pumpkin spice goodness that can stay with you all day long. Who needs some autumn aromatherapy? Me, that's who!

Now, I don't have any pictures the scented rice process, but I do plan on making more with different scents in the future. So, I'll def post a tutorial when I do. But until then I can just tell you how the magic happened; it was actually pretty easy. And if you have any questions, ask away!

Scented Rice

1 disposable bowl and spoon (I used some freebie takeout wooden chopsticks)
1 box of instant rice (I read instant works better because it more porous)
1–2 tbsp of liquid candle scent should do it—I used more, but the more you use the longer you'll need to let it dry.
1 cookie sheet
Paper Towels

Step 1.
Mix the rice and liquid candle scent together in the bowl using a spoon you can also dispose of afterward. But save the bowl, you may need it again.

I found the liquid candle scent to be pretty oily, and it said on the label to wash your hands thoroughly if you touch any of it—hence disposable bowl and stirring implement.

Step 2.
Use a cookie sheet and line it with foil. Then placed some paper towels over the foil and spread the rice out onto the paper towels. Try to keep the rice evenly distributed, so that most of it is touching paper towel. Then let it sit for a day. The paper towel will soak up a lot of the oil, but if your rice still isn't dry after a day just pour it back into the bowl and replace the paper towels. Then spread it out again and let it sit another day.

Step 3.
Depending on how much liquid scent you used, if after two days your rice still isn't dry (mine was just about completely dry, but I wanted to make sure it was absolutely dry) then do this step.

Preheat your oven to 210°. Put the cookie sheet with the foil, paper towels and rice on it in the oven, but leave the oven door slightly open. You just want enough heat to warm and dry the rice, but not cook it. Let the rice dry for 1–2 hours.

Now, be prepared, if you do this step... your entire house will smell like whatever scent you are using, which can be a blessing and a curse. The pumpkin smell was nice, but it was literally like I had a hundred pumpkin spice candles burning all at once. Woah! Yeah... I had all my doors and windows open. ;)

My pumpkin spice scented rice turned out great. So great that I decided I will definitely try it with different scents!

If you need some pumpkin spice in your life swing by the hanasaurusrex shop and grab yourself a sachet or pin, heck give one to a friend, and let the autumn aromatherapy begin!


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