Tuesday, September 4, 2012

austin yarnbombs part 1—swing monster!

It's kind of a long story, but, if you want to read about it, here it is. If not the pictures are pretty informative all on their own. ;)

I left Hawaii at the beginning of July bound for Houston, Texas to help my sister with my nephews for the summer and have some quality time with my family. I hauled a ton of yarn with me to work on new projects, prototype products for the shop and work on some yarnbombs. And then I proceeded to buy even more yarn because, oh my goodness, Twisted Yarns, Knitting in the Loop, Hill Country Weavers and Hobby Lobby and I could have bought so much more than I did!!! (but getting back to the yarnbombs)...

I started by driving around Houston; I knew I wanted to put something up in the Montrose area. I loved living there back-in-tha-day, it's my absolute favorite part of town and it encompasses the museum district. I parked close to The Menil Collection and the *Rothko Chapel, and as I walked around I saw between them was a quaint little park. There were couples having picnics and even some kids playing guitar and having a sing song sesh. It was great! In the middle of the park I saw a wooden swing hung from a tree, just a lone swing, longing for some love. Perfecto! I took its measurements and left with ideas racing through my mind.

* Explore more information about Rothko Chapel here.

When I got home I went to work. At first I was going to make a cover for it with a Fair Isle motif. I had been wanting to practice my color work. But as I worked on it, I keep going back to images of the monsters I'd been knitting in Hawaii. I wound up getting distracted more than once, messing up the pattern several times and getting frustrated with having to frog it, which eventually made the decision to scratch the idea completely, to make another monster, an easy one. So I worked up an intarsia pattern I thought would be relatively simple.

After I finished knitting the flat piece, I decided I should go back to the park to measure exactly where the holes for the ropes would be. I thought, I'll mark them, so that when I go back to open up the sides for the piece to slip around and between the ropes it will be as close to a perfect fit as possible... que the foreshadowing music...

Um, yeah. So, I get back to the park and this is what I find. Boo, a broken swing! What the crap?! I'm invested in this swing now. I sat and pondered and took this picture. I decided to remove the swing and take the piece of wood, along with the two pieces of broken rope,  back home with me. It would work out better because I could sew the piece directly on to the swing, open up just a few stitches for the holes, buy new ropes and then have my husband help me rehang the swing when he arrived in Houston a few weeks later. Okay, now I had a plan.

A few weeks go by and the Mr. arrived, we went to Home Depot, grabbed new ropes and the next morning at 5 am we drove down to the park. What we found was what I silently feared might happen. Someone had already replaced the broken swing with a new one. Crap, again. I mean, props to the neighbors for keeping up with their cute little park and its sweet little amenities, but crap, crap, crap. Okay, now what? No worries, we thought. We will just hang the monster swing right next to the new one and then they'll have two swings! Yay! But what happened next was my biggest yarnbombing FAIL to date. Neither of us had thought to check to make sure the rope we had bought fit through the swings holes and—wah wah wah—it did NOT. So, scrap that idea too. We decided to go to a nearby diner and discuss our next move over french toast. I was pretty disappointed, but the french toast helped. French toast is very good medicine! And after some discussion it was decided that we would just take the swing to our next destination, Austin, Texas and hang it somewhere there. After all, Austin loves the weird!

And that's what we did. Monster swing found his new home right along side the Lady Bird Lake Trail, just south of downtown. And this time, he went up without a fuss!

Now, I hope he stays. If you live in Austin or are ever there maybe you can go by and sit a spell... just beware—he eats shorts! ;D

Hope you enjoyed my adventures in yarnbombing. I'll be back to post Austin Yarnbombs part 2—Folkvar the Viking! 


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