Wednesday, September 5, 2012

austin yarnbombs part 2—folkvar the viking!

Hi there! Have you met Folkvar? He's a Viking explorer. His name means 'guardian of the people'. He was really excited about his trip from Houston, where he was born, to Austin, where he would settle. He kept telling me how he couldn't wait to meet and make new friends there. He loves making people smile; that's why he wears a big cheese grin. In addition to exploring he loves having fun and what's more fun than toys?! Um, nothing. So it was decided that his new home would be one of my favorite places on earth, Toy Joy—the best little toy store in Texas! 

I get a sweet little kick out of thinking about how many people Folkvar will make smile and take a curious step forward... One of the reasons I hung him low was purposefully so people could reach up and touch him. I think that is one of my favorite things about yarnbombing my work. The curiosity the pieces spawn and how they engage the folks who come across them is always such a joy for me to see and hear about. I was super stoked to see a tweet from Toy Joy saying how they loved their new guardian. I knew he would be... I miss him already.

And this was my celebratory donut! It tasted sooo good. :D It didn't take me two months to make these yarnbombs, but it was a suspenseful two months of waiting to put them up. After all the issues with the monster swing, I was just thrilled to see them both completed. Whew!

 be back on a plane to Hawaii on Friday, waving goodbye to my Texas family, with a lot more projects and ideas brewing... I can't wait to share them as they come to life!



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