Monday, August 27, 2012

light bright—a sweet DIY headboard

Last year when we renovated our old bedroom, after the new paint was dry and fresh carpet was laid, I found myself stumped instead of satisfied. I still wanted to make a headboard for our bed, but with our renovation budget pretty maxed out, what to do?
Months before the renovation, on a whim, I had purchased two boxes of faux branches with mini lights on them from our local craft store. With no specific plan for them, we began using them in the corners of the room for nighttime light. But they were propped up in an old wine bottle and a tall vase, neither of which I wanted to keep in the new room. Then one night, while I was fumbling with them, trying to figure out where to put them, I had a moment. You know, one of those Ah-HA! moments... 
Here comes the how-to part... 1.) I grabbed a staple gun, 2.) and two 32"X24" pieces of ¼ inch ply wood that I’d previously cut down to paint on. 3.) I spread the branches out evenly, 3 branches to a board and, in just under 15 minutes, I had a new DIY headboard that gave us back our soft night light and went perfectly with our sweet birdie theme. 
Don’t you just love those kind of moments?!

Some of you may have seen this back when I posted about it and some of our other renovation adventures over on my previous blog, At Home With a Hanasaurusrex. So why the re-post? I know, but it's not that I'm grasping for new content. I have quite the opposite going on around here, tons of content and not enough time to post. But last week, I received an email from asking if I would mind them including our headboard in a round-up of DIY headboards they are posting. I, of course, thought this was super rad, but since I no longer post to the blog where the photos were originally, I asked if I could re-post it here. So, voila!

I hope it will help spark some Ah-HA! moments for you!

Thanks again, iVillage!


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I love this lightson theheadboard idea.
very nice.thanks for sharing.

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