Sunday, January 8, 2012

full moon date night! quarters!

A little over 4 years ago, on the eve of a full moon, the Mr. and I had our very first date. Believe it or not it was my very first proper date. Picked up promptly at 7 o'clock, drinks and dancing and because we are blessed enough to live in Hawaii, a walk on the beach under a full moon. We sat on a bench near the water, chatting and watching a cruise liner fade into the horizon. He said he loved it when I took his arm instead of his hand as we walked down the sidewalk back to his car.
That night we decided to make full moon date nights our own little tradition. Granted, there are some months where life gets a tad too hectic to make it happen on the full moon or even at all for that matter, but we like to keep trying. And trust me, as romantic as this story may be, we do have our moments, days and weeks even where we find ourselves still trying to figure this whole marriage thing out, but there again, we just keep on trying.
For our first full moon date of the new year, the Mr. surprised me with a theme that would make any inner child proud to still be alive, quarters night, 99 quarters to be exact.
We took a London city tour...
in a double decker bus!
We got candies from gumball machines...
no, thank you...
and matching rings!
The Mr. got his weigh on...
He had to make sure he could have his dessert, Cinnabons! Can I get a yum yum?!

We took photo booth pics after, which were quite hilarious. I have to admit we cheated on this one, but only because the machine had no way to pay with quarters. Instead you could pay with a credit card! Wha?!! My, my, how photo booths have changed over the years. But the funniest part was how the photo booth actually video recorded your every move in between the four photos! 

I think you'll agree... too funny! We're such nerds, talking our way through each pose. Can you tell we both feel like we're a bit awkward in front of a camera? I'm pretty sure that's why you don't see more of me here on the blog. Moving on...
We tried to save a Hello Kitty and Chococat from the dreaded claw... but I'm dead awful at this one.
Then we headed over to the Fun Factory...
we still had a lot of quarters to spend.
They had Skeeeee-ball—this is my game! Their version of the classic skee-ball had basketball goals instead of the simple round tubes, but it was still pretty sweet.
I scanned the prize counter and decided this is what I would be playing for. 75 big ones—umm, tickets... and I was pretty confident I could pull that off.
Oh yeah, baby! Who's the master?! Check out all our loot! The comb is mine!
And nothing is more satisfying after conquering small games for junk toys than margaritas! Caution: don't mix margaritas with switchblades, but switchblade combs on the other hand...... 
Last stop of the night was totally domesticated, but we needed a few groceries! I know, I know, we were on a date... but hey that's life. They did have better gumball prizes than the mall. I got $7.50 in temporary tattoos! Holy schmoly, I know, right?! In my defense I was trying to get a particular one, a pretty dream catcher, but these two were pretty fab too, a phoenix and a fox!

Such a fab night we had! And props to my fun-loving, sweetheart Mr. who planned it all! He knows I'm just a kid at heart. I'd love to hear what kind of fun date nights you've had! The Mr. set the bar pretty high for himself with the first date of the year being so much fun, I bet he'd love to hear some of y'all's great ideas too! ;)



kat said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

that's a really fun day you had! i was smiling as i was reading thru this post. hehe!

hanasaurusrex said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@kat definitely! & your smile makes me smile.. pass it on! ;)

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