Thursday, January 5, 2012

styl'n and profil'n

Dear Miss Bri,

How did you know?! Oh, how badly I've been in need of some serious style inspiration? The end of last year was just one big slacker mess! And you must have gotten in my head to know I've been in love with Yokoo's UnBEARable hat forever and ever and wing-tips too. I bought these hot babies last year but have only worn them one time! Boo. Don't even get me started on the striped gloves and the red detail on those socks! Ay-chee! But you really stole my heart with your throw'n-my-legs-up-in-the-air-like-i-just-don't-care; now that's a girl after my own heart! So much more than style inspiration goin' on there ;) Anyhoo, just wanted to say thank you and share the love. 


Bri's blog, Design Love Fest, is a must read! You're gonna find so much more than just style tips over there! It's a virtual feast for the eyes and this designer just loves it all!

Need more of Bri's style posts... I feel ya! 03 / 02 / and more!

Oh! and no small postscript here... All her style photos were taken by the A+mazing Angela and Ithyle! Their work is all so wonderful, check it out!



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