Sunday, January 1, 2012

a teeny-tiny mochimochi christmas

A mochimochi family tree
Jack, Haidy, LJ and Marcus
Got good news! The move is finally completely finished! Woot woot! In the coming weeks, I will more than likely rotate things around here and there to see how I feel about placements and what not, but that is clearly not moving—it's rotating ;)
Mike, Malia, Zack, Cassie, Tim, Samantha, Nick and Abigale
Despite all the unpacking going on, I had already decided to knit the Christmas gifts for those of my husband's family we share Christmas with each year here in Hawaii. Usually, I bake for everyone because as you'll see they are quite a big family, but this year I wanted to try out my new knitting skills. I ordered all the yarn I needed in November, so there was no turning back. It was just me, my DPN's, the perfect book, the cutest pattern and a week to bring the family to teeny-tiny life! You're dying to know which book, right?!! It's the companion book to Anna Hrachovec's Knitting Mochimochi, which I bloged about here. It's called Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi! As if Mochimochi wasn't cute enough, she had to go and make it all teeny-tiny, and we all know how I feel about tiny. I used the Tiny Bride and Groom pattern as my go by and just dressed each one differently. Also, I left off the eyes and used their hair to really make them who they are in real life! It's amazing how hair can do that... so much personality in hair.
Donald, Alana, Nadia, Nikala, Annalise and Adeline
I won't go into the history of my husband's family sufficed to say he actually has 12 siblings, but these are the families we exchange gifts with here in Hawaii. I am planning on knitting more for my sister, mother and father's family back home and the Mr. and I too... but ran out of time before Christmas with all the moving and unpacking going on. Living in less than 500 sqft. will definitely put unpacking at the top of anyone's list of major priorities. It was near impossible to live in the space with all the boxes and bins everywhere! I am soooo glad it's over!
There are plenty of other super cute patterns in the Teen-Tiny Mochimochi book! An itty bitty gnome, mermaid, hot dog and a baked potato just to name a few of my faves! One of the ideas for the knits the book gives is a charm bracelet, which I think I will definitely make in the future... sooo cute I think my head might... err.. eh.. *poof* Yup, there it went.


p.s. I took a bunch of instagrams while I was working so the Mr. could see my progress. :)


LJ Busekrus said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

These little guys are so freaking adorable! I wanna collect the whole set! ;]

Natasha Klein said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love them! Was wondering if u could share how u did the different hair

Hanasaurusrex said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Natasha Klein thank you, natasha! and sure, for the hair, I sewed it on the head. I just tried to sew it in whatever way would make it resemble the person I was making. It was kind of trial and error...

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