Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a perpetual state of move

Coming back from vacation is sometimes bittersweet, typically returning to a pile of loose ends and work to be done. You are happy to see your friends and family once more, but sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation, right?!

It was no secret before we left, we had finally found a small cottage to lease in Kailua town. It just so happened the timing of said rental was mere weeks before our vacation travels would take us away from it all. Excited as we were for the change, we placed it on a back burner, but it found ways to permeate our travels. We had a slight scare with the electric company, some issues with the renovations we had asked for permission to do, and many conversations with our friends and family about the tiny space we are about to call home. A bit of history: We have been living Ohana style, which means with "family" since we got married almost three years ago, and we chose not to live together before that day. We have long awaited this little space, although we thought it'd be bigger and somewhere on the mainland, but regardless of it's location, it is going to be our very first home together!

Naturally being a person in a love/hate relationship with change, I have been entertaining my fears as well as the moments my heart swells with anticipation for all things possible. I love decorating new spaces, making them my own, injecting them with lovely personality and silly details. Moving opens an abundance of doors to change my visual perspective—almost too many. What I'm not so good with is having to get use to new routines or accept less than favorable conditions. I also love how moving brings the hope of being able to change my old habits into better ones, though, nearly always, I fall short in the motivation department once the dust and smoke clears. I'd be lying if I said it didn't scare me a little bit that I may do that again. Our new place is just two blocks from the beach and five blocks from town and I am determined to start riding the beach cruiser I've had for nearly six years, everywhere!

Have you ever just wanted to change the way you naturally tend to perceive life? I wonder how many of us live in that state of mind? Moving can be a quick fix, but I know it takes something more to achieve an enlightened sense of true change.

The photo above is of our new couch. We've lived without a couch for almost two years now in favor of creating more work space in our only "living" room, and let me tell you, I think I may live on this thing! I never thought I'd miss a piece of furniture so much, but I am seriously considering burning the office chair my butt calls home on the daily and working from this too-lovely-for-words couch—Craigslist in case you're wondering!

On it I'll ponder life's questions on perception and the visual mind. I'll let you know what, if anything, I find.



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i love your post. and love the pic almost as much as the post.

hanasaurusrex said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@spam.KNITsubi thanks lady! can't wait to have a house warming paaarteh!

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