Monday, November 14, 2011

flashback! yarn bombing: kokua market

The day I left to go on vacation was a busy one, but despite all that I had to finish up, I just couldn't miss participating in the first Aloha Knitters group yarn bombing at a local co-op market here in Honolulu, Kokua Market. This event was completely legal having been approved by the market administrators, and we have M.K. Carroll to thank for all her hard work in securing an agreement with the market to make the event an exhibition of sorts.
I wish I would have had more time to make more bombs, but between my trip and work I was lucky I was able to quickly crocheted a handful of tiny mushrooms to "plant" in the courtyard somewhere. And so that morning I met up with a few of my fiber homies, Spam KNITsubi, M.K. Carroll and Roxy, to hook it up.
Here are some of the highlights from the day, which by the way was a huge hit. So much so, the market asked to extend our bombing another month and asked for more bombs inside the store!
 one red hanasaurusrex shroom
 M.K. Carroll securing her jellyfish
 the stash of bombs
 great book on the art of yarn bombing
  an awesome Spam KNITsubi tree cozy
another Spam KNITsubi tree cozy
 Spam KNITsubi!
 a couple of M.K. Carroll's jellyfish
 Spam KNITsubi's Fibonacci striped bike rack cozy
 M.K. Carroll's tree sweater and a Spam KNITsubi coral
 Spam KNITsubi's handlebars
 a hanasaurusrex mushroom closeup
hanasaurusrex mushrooms and a tree cozy

In a recent update, I've been told that only two little shrooms remain. I hope the person(s) who happen to be the new owner(s) of the missing mushrooms plan to take good care of their tiny win(s), and no hard feelings :)

For more information on Aloha Knitters go here.
For more photos on the event check out the Flickr Group.
For more info on yarn bombing, which is by no means a new concept, you can start here. There are also threads on Ravelry, but you must be a member to read.

And if you already knit or crochet... Go bomb! :D


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