Thursday, November 17, 2011

flashback!'s socks

Yay! I knitted my first pair of socks! Boo! They didn't fit. What went wrong?! Well, considering the intended recipient, my Grandma Grace, lives thousands of miles away, I didn't do so bad. In hindsight, I should have had my mother, her daughter, send me measurements, but no... that would have been too easy. The only thing easier, I thought—err, assumed—like mother like daughter like grand daughter, right? Her feet are probably close in size to mine! That was my bad. Bummer!
I had been stressing a while about making a pair of socks—the toe!—omgee the heel! But only slightly longer than it had been since I had promised my that I'd knit her something with my new found crafty skill. She was so excited that I had learned to knit and it seemed only fitting—no pun—after all, the afghans she has crocheted me over the years.
I picked out a nice sock yarn, Austermann Step in Curacao, a pretty self striping Fair Isle type. I would use Silver's Sock Class magic loop method for two toe up socks at a time pattern that my friend Bethany had used successfully. You would think after all my stalling and stressing that I would have gone that one step further to get the correct measurements. But noooo.... I was too anxious to start and once I started there was no turning back.
The pattern went so smoothly! I just kept going and going... I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to attempt their first socks, provided you have some circular needle knitting experience. Silver does give the link to a Magic Loop video at the beginning of her tutorial if you have never used that method or need a refresher. Much to my surprise I was finished only a day and half later. Whew! I tried them on and they fit me perfectly. Surely they would fit!
Since I was going home a few weeks after finishing I forwent mailing them to be able to gift them to her in person. She loved them, and was surprised I had made socks. And then we tried them on. That's when I found out's eighty-year-old feet are indeed very similar to mine, in their length alone, but due to age and whatnot they were a tad bit wider and mostly it was the ankles that didn't fit. My bind off was too tight and just would not stretch enough. Awww... man.
I was sad, and a little embarrassed to be honest. was a good sport about it, of course, and I assured her I could just take out the bind and ribbing and add to them to make them bigger and stretchier, which I can and will do. But did I learn my lesson? You bet I did. Actually, one I should have already known from a designer's perspective. Yes, the age-old adage, "measure twice... cut once", certainly holds true for any craft.

Don't worry! I'll have them back to you in a jif!



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