Tuesday, November 29, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things... vinyl record bow necklace

OMGeee... like one second after I hit the publish button on the Etsy shop, I got busy with all of packing for our move. We are really wanting to be over in the new place by the end of this weekend *fingers crossed*. But in the hustle, I totally forgot to announce that my sweet pal Jessica was going to be hosting a Hanasaurusrex giveaway on her blog, TART, over the holiday weekend! It's totally over now and I'm so bummed for all the folks who stopped by here during that time... but fear not! I am definitely down to do more giveaways in the future and I promise I will let you all know where and when they are happening!

And well, if you can't guess from the photo, the giveaway was a Hanasaurusrex Vinyl Record Bow Necklace, which is definitely one of my favorite things in the shop. Their simplicity and silhouette allow them to be worn with just about anything. They are each hand cut and shaped from the too-used-to-spin albums I've collected. Some real love goes into these babies—I have the nicks and cuts to prove it, ouch! I think it's fun too, to know what album the pieces were cut from. So I'm going to try to find an online link to one of the tracks and include it in the listing. Some of the albums are really great! It's just too bad they've past their prime. But they shall have new life, I say!

My congratulations go out to Alyssa, the winner of the TART giveaway! Yay for you! :D I hope you enjoy your new Hanasaurusrex jewelries!

Oh! And I hope to be adding a few new shapes to the vinyl record jewelries line soon and earrings too! So check back to see, as we say around here, "what's tha haps!"


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