Friday, October 28, 2011

flashback! camping at malaekahana

It's pronounced Ma-leh-ah-ka-ha-na ;) and it's on the North Shore of Oahu. We camped there a few weekends ago for the Mr.'s birthday, which was actually in August, but the campgrounds, called The Friends of Maleakahana, didn't have the two sites we wanted available until October. I know camping isn't for every girl, but I love it! And despite the crazy wind that greeted us upon our arrival and the rain that would start soon there after, we picked the perfect spot to set up our tent, right under an `A`ali`i tree. I wasn't sure I was going to like this campground at first, but the next morning when we were greeted by the sweetest ocean breeze, I was pretty much in heaven.
And even though it was still a bit cloudy and raining offshore, we never felt a drop.
By mid-morning the ocean was taking it's cue from the bright blue sky producing terrific shades of turquoise and teal.
We had a furry friend hanging out with us the entire weekend. There are tons of feral cats here and most of them are not very friendly, but this little guy was down to get anything he could, including lovin' and cat naps under our canopy. I guess he just enjoyed our company.
Now, I love the ocean and the beach, but I also love to knit, and what could be better than relaxing in the shade with some needles, a cool ocean breeze blowing and the sound of the waves in your head. I can think of few other things that I'd rather be doing!
Come the evening we built our best yet campfire! LJ's brother and his band mates brought their guitars and we had a full on rock out sesh, singing our favorite jams, fat with s'mores, a few folks even attempted, quite successfully, I think, to play a few games of bocce ball in the darkness.
Then it was time to sleep. I think I was the first to retire. 

Thanks so much everyone who came out. You all made LJ's weekend! He was especially honored that you all remembered it was his "birthday" camping trip even though it was so far after his actual birth day. We have awesome friends and family and we love you all!

Did I mention how much I love camping? Do you love camping or not so much? Where's the best/worst place you've ever camped?



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Maleakahana looks amazing. I bet waking up in the morning and seeing that beach was a real treat. Looks like your pets enjoyed the place too.

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