Tuesday, August 9, 2011

paper clip bunting

Hi there peoples! How's your Tuesday going? Is it Wednesday? I still haven't figured out exactly how the timing of my posts works. I'm in the GMT/Hawaii time zone and I typically post in late afternoon, which would be about dinner time if you're in the Central time zone. So if this post goes out via feed even later, well then yeah, it's probably Wednesday for you! So hope you had a great Tuesday! As for me, and my friends in the Eastern Hemisphere, it's still Tuesday but enough rambles... I have a cute and easy project for you. It's paper clip bunting!
I searched and searched Google, without success, for links to anyone who has done this before. Of course, that is not to say there isn't someone who has and they just didn't post images of it—you know, if a tree falls in the forest... I definitely don't want to take credit for someone else's brilliance, however, since that brilliance does not seem to be recorded anywhere online, I am going to plant my flag in it.
Paper clip bunting is super easy! All you need are paper clips (colored or metal), string or yarn, and I used my new Washi tape, but you can secure with other kinds of tape, staples, or thumbtacks if you are hanging it up.

Step 1: Pick your paper clips.

Step 2: Unfold your paper clip until it matches the red clip in the top right hand photo. Hold it in the same position.

Step 3: Shaping the paper clip.

You will see that the left side (A) of the clip has the short piece (C) on top that faces inward to the right.

The right hand side (B) has the longer piece (D) on top that points inward to the left. 

To make the equilateral triangle you will want to open the triangle more by pulling the left side (A) out or more to the left and then pushing the longer piece (D) down to meet the short piece (C).

You may need to play with the clip more to shape it as you desire. I hope I've explained it without confusing you more. ;) I just know when I started to shape mine, my initial reaction was that the clip could not be shaped into an equilateral triangle because if you just bring the short and long pieces together it resembles a right triangle.

Step 4: Secure your triangle buntings to your yarn or string with a knot at whatever distance you desire. 
You can tape your bunting onto a variety of different things or hang it up wherever you'd like. I used mine as decoration on one of my husband's birthday presents. But I think it would make a super cute decoration for an office party to maybe decorate a co-worker's office cube! Or as part of the gift wrap for a back to school teacher's gift. What do you think?!!


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