Monday, August 15, 2011

{color lover) mustard yellow

This color lover post is making me hungry for a hot dog! I love a good hot dog dressed in golden yellow mustard and nothing else... hahaha... is that TMI? Okee, seriously though. Happy Monday! I was totally jamming The Beatles while I was preparing this post, here comes the Sun King, perfect!

This is one hot color right now, especially in fashion. I could make an entire post on mustard yellow jackets alone! But the one I picked is my absolute fave; it's from J. Crew, and I will own it this fall. Even if it never gets cold here, I will wear it and go sit somewhere there is blasting cold a/c! Maybe, I'll even don a fuzzy cowl! That's it, I'll rebel against the Hawaiian year round summer. I'll go to the coffee shop and sip a pumpkin spiced latte wearing my mustard yellow velvet jacket and a nice warm cowl! I'll probably perspire, but I will do it with a huge smile on my face! :D

I am totally diggin' the little tear and toss confetti bags showcased on Crate Paper Blog. And I will apologize ahead of time for any disappointments I may cause by using that to-die-for ballerina flat by Giuseppe Zanotti; it is no longer available. But to make up for it here is another equally fabulous one! The Cat bowl is genius, really. But the link on Pinterest is bunk so here is where you can find it.

I hope this makes your Monday super sunny!


Anilú Magloire said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Coolness! I knew that confetti bag had to be Tara Anderson's. She is so, sooo good. Love these color posts.

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