Monday, July 11, 2011


I've spent the last two days in bed with what I think is vertigo. I've had it once before. Doctor then said it was from dehydration and gave me an IV with saline. It worked and I hadn't had it since and that was five years ago. This time there is no clear cause; I've been drinking water like a fish, but I'm still out of my head dizzy every time I stand up. I may be here tomorrow too.
Thank goodness for my iPhone and my laptop. Instagram has kept me pretty entertained...
along with my sketch book...
and movies... love this one!
and my nosy pencil sharpener.
Oh! And tea and donuts... What? I have vertigo not the flu. Anyone else had vertigo before? It's been decided if I'm still dizzy tomorrow that I'll have to go to the doctor, which means I'll miss the picnic with my gal pals at the botanical gardens :( boo. I wanted to use my new bento set...
chopstix on one end, fork and spoon on the other! Brilliant.
I've got my fingers crossed that tomorrow I'll feel better. In the meantime... my dear husband put clean sheets on the bed for me—clean sheets are the bomb-diggity! Especially after you've funked them all up being in bed for two days straight. :D

Well, I may miss you tomorrow... I may have wonderful pics of a lovely picnic (see above photo).


p.s. if you're on instagram too, lets be friends! I'm hanasaurusrex.


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