Thursday, July 7, 2011

how to make your refrigerator cooler

Got an old ice-box? An achingly dull fridge that only keeps your food cold? Ugh! So did we. So we decided to turn ours into a multi-purpose monster oozing cool factor and so can you!

How?!! Why, with chalkboard paint! You've probably seen it around, gaining a following lately, and trendy as it may be right now, it has been rocking the re-purposed for many a year before now.

All you'll need is one quart of chalkboard paint (in your preferred color... yes!!! it comes in a variety of colors) + some sand paper (110–150 grit) + a roller handle and of course you're own refrigerator... unless your landlord is über awesome.

After you give the fridge a light scrub with the sandpaper...
you'll paint 3–4 coats of the chalkboard paint... follow the directions on the back of the can for drying times.
When you're done you'll have this,'ll have to wait a few days before you can condition it with chalk (second picture).
After you do, though.... YAY! You can use it for all kind of groovy things, lists, menus, notes, moments, etc... And we think that makes a boring ol' fridge definitely ten-times COOLER—not colder.


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