Monday, May 9, 2011

jessica's bow-tastic birthday!

I had the pleasure of helping my friend Jessica plan her 26th birthday party this past weekend. On the success of planning my birthday, I had put out the word that my party planning skills were for hire. And with only a week to plan, Jessica, who loves to throw parties too, brought me in to make some handmade goodies and details, and to be that extra set of hands you often wish you had during a party that's in your honor.
It was a fantastic party! Actually it was a BOW-tastic party! :D That's right, it was a bow party! Ladies wore bows and the gents all sported bowties, it was super cute and really fun to see how everyone expressed themselves through their bow!
I made little pink fondant bows and tiny teal bowties for the cupcakes.
And matching tiny teal fabric bowties for chocolate lollipop favors. The chocolate lollipops ara cinch to make using any candy mold and candy melts you can find at your local craft store.
With only a week to plan—eek! only one week?— we met on Monday to discuss all the details. It was a detail throw down complete with our favor Starbucks iced coffees and chai lattes. Ready? Break! She knew she wanted to divide the table into two sides, a ladies side and a gents side, so I drew out a tablescape plan using my three pink glass dessert pedestals, which couldn't have been more perfect and a lovely square platter of Jess's as the focus. Jess collects milk glass and had several sweet little vases for fresh flowers. Her husband even made some delicious vegan cupcakes for their vegan guests! And while I was out shopping, I found some cute little bow barrettes that wound up being the perfect little toppers for the extra cupcakes.
I also made larger versions of the tiny teal fabric bows out of leftover pink and teal fabric for any guest who came sans a bow or bowtie. But all the attendees were super awesome and all bowed up!

Add in the balloons—over 150 of them!
And an ornate frames photo booth station where pics were taken to later be turned into silhouettes of the guests...
and last but definitely not least the cutest of the cute babies, Rowan, and you've got the best 26th birthday ever!
And one kick-ass collaborative effort! 
p.s. I took a ton of Instagram pics too, i love the Earlybird filter!
Here is the link to the free vintage film Photoshop action by Fallout75 that I used on the party pics! Credit where credit is due.

SO! This post has given me MAJOR issues... as this is the second time I am posting it. Somehow half of it up and vanished tonight. Blogger must be having issues. Last week I received a comment from Lulu mentioning that the link I posted to the free vintage photoshop action I used on the photos was incorrect. So, I corrected it and posted a follow up comment to her saying thanks and all... only to find tonight that my blogger dashboard was telling me I still had a comment to moderate. I checked it out and it was her comment. Huh? The scatterbrain that I am thought, "oh! I must have forgotten to save the correction." I'll just redo the correction and repost my follow up comment. Wait. What? Blogger should have posted my comment even if I didn't save my post correction. But it was too late! When I went to check the post half of it was gone!!! WTF.

Thank you Blogger Tips and Tricks for helping me recover the cached version of the post, which I was able to promptly repost. Saving me from having to redo a crap-ton of work.


lulu said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi... the free vintage photoshop action leads to you flickr account???

A W E S O M E work on a superduper party btw. methinks it would make a fabulous wedding theme!! EEEEEEEEE!

hanasaurusrex said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oh snap! thanks lulu for catching that bum link... i've corrected it and now it goes to the flickr page where you can download it.

and T H A N K S so much! ;D it was a super fun party, i bet it would make a sweet wedding theme too! all the credit to my friend jess on her theme idea, it was def bow-tastic!

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