Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Feature {Color Lover} grey

I am a color lover. That is to say I love all color, which would include even the absence of color.

Today we're rolling out a new feature post here on hanasaurusrex. It's called simply, color lover. I can't say it will always show up on the same day of the week or even every week, after all, color is spontaneous; color flies by the seat of its pants! But when it does pop up, I hope it inspires.

These images may be as grey—or gray—as the sky outside my window, but, despite their lack of saturation, they have the power to make my heart smile. It's feeling sunnier already!


Top Row:
1. Golly Bard ~ Hidden
2. Madewell ~ Cashmere
3. Getting Lost In Italy
4. DIY Rolled Book Paper Wreath

Middle Row:
1. Marc Johns ~ Flickr
2. Helt Enkelt
3. Silk/Cashmere Yarn
4. Helt Enkelt ~ This is where to go if you love a muted color pallet! click translate.

Bottom Row:
1. Audrey Tautou ~ No direct source, you can thank tumbler :( but follow this link for more Audry than you can handle!
2. Margaret Oomen ~ Crochet covered sea stones
3. Puppy Fever!
4. Ethereale


Sarah Klassen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lovely inspiration!

Thank you so much for the kind comment that you left for me the other day—how sweet :) Hope you are enjoying the weekend, x

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