Sunday, April 24, 2011

{mrs. crafty} bird nest

I have found myself quite inspired by all things bird of late. Their soft delicate feathers, their crooked and sometimes painted houses, regal birdcages, and their genius nests, even the twigs and branches they rest upon. So with Easter this weekend and spring upon us, I decided to seize the opportunity to make my own little nests to use as part of an Easter dinner centerpiece along with my three tiered pink glass dessert pedestals!
These are the materials I used. Some grey decoration moss from the craft store, variegated cotton yarn, a tapestry needle, scissors, little birdies, and not to worry, I didn't forget the eggs! They are not pictured because I had yet to buy some of those little Cadbury hard shell mini eggs candies. They are the perfect size—and yum! You can eat them!
First, I removed some of the moss. For my nests, I only used about a quarter of the bag and that amount made 2 nests about 5" in diameter. Next, I formed and shaped the nest with my hands, kind of digging out a center, pushing what was in the middle to the sides. In the photos it is a bit hard to see how deep the center is, but darn the flash on my camera. So, once you have the desired shape you can set the nest aside. (I know... quick, easy, and painless! I am sure I am not the first person ever to do this ;)
Now we're going to thread some yarn pieces through the nest (you can use string or twine too). This is not so much for holding the nest together, the moss is pretty tangled enough to do that. I added the yarn mostly because I love to see birds with ingenuity! A nest found with bits of string and other materials tells me the little bird who built it was a clever home builder with a heart!

You can cut the yarn as long as you like, I just cut two pieces about 4" long.
Once you've cut the your pieces, just thread them through the nest. I didn't worry too much about where I threaded the yarn through, less calculated, more natural.
Last but not least, I added my little birdie. I found these little guys.. err gals perhaps... at the craft store too and they conveniently came with little clips on their underside, perfect for attaching them to the nest or flowers or anywhere you need a little sweet surprise!
Add in your choice of eggs and yay :D there you have it! A too-cute little bird nest that you can enjoy not just for Easter, but all year round!



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