Sunday, April 24, 2011

decoupaged easter eggs

Along with my little bird nest, I also decoupaged some eggs for Easter. For them, I made a papier-mâché bird nest with newspaper and crepe paper.
I had found a lovely photo, on pinterest, of the prettiest decorated eggs I'd ever seen and thought to myself, "I can do that!" Mi madre dos, Haidy, had already been saving some egg shells and she offered them to me. So I found some pretty Easter tissue paper, grabbed a bowl for my Mod Podge, and sat down to decorate them. It seemed easy enough and turns out that it wasn't too hard, but I have to say that my results did not turn out as lovely as Mrs. Martha's. (but really, when do they ever do?)
Yes, you read right! It wasn't until I sat down to write this post and though about including the photo I'd found on pinterest that I followed its link to—surprise, surprise—Martha That's where—say it with me... DER—I read the directions! They tell you how to blow out the eggs (eliminating the large unsightly hole that I've always ended up with when I try to empty out an egg shell). They also mentioned they used paper napkins rather than tissue paper. Two seemingly minor details you'd think, but I am convinced would have lent themselves to prettier results.
Mine turned out cute regardless, I think anyway ;) but still... the perfectionista in me will definitely be altering the way I go about the process, next year.

Ahhh... yes, next year!


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Happy Easter!! Very nice idea. Think we'll try that next year. Your eggs look really nice too.

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