Friday, March 11, 2011

oh the possiblities!

Since I am still a little bit away from sharing with the world what I've been working on, I thought I would begin to share with you some of the materials I am working with.

One of my favorite things about new materials is how much closer I feel to reaching the goal of creating one of the ideas that's been swimming around in my head, spilled out on to paper, scribbled, and/or dreamt of. I'm really bad and sometimes have a tendency to purchase whatever I think I'll need for a new project without knowing whether or not what I'm getting will really work. But I think part of the real fun in creating is trying new things. Maybe something I thought would work doesn't, but in the process I realize a new material that would be better.
My product development process for this project, the hanasaurusrex shop, has been both fun and frustrating. And I still have a ways to go before I can bring my ideas to life, but I definitely have a vision for what I'm doing—there is a method to my madness.
I am really excited to be incorporating beads into my projects. The coral ones on the left are Italian glass beads. The beads in the middle are sterling silver—a personal fave, and the beads on the right are freshwater pearls. The other pictured beads are various glass bugle beads, and all beads were purchased locally at Bead It in Kailua.
I wanted to post a better picture of the sew-in labels that will complete most of the products I am making. I am so in love with them! Tiny and cute, complete with the little hanasaurusrex dino logo, they really make me feel like I can achieve my vision of building a complete brand.

I have many more things laying around my studio just waiting to become what they were always meant to be; I can't wait to be able to share them all with you!


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