Friday, March 4, 2011

freebee friday

More than just the occasional rainy day, which is usually welcomed as a read-a-book-day or a grill-cheese-tomato-soup-day, today has been a wildly dreary overcast day. Its been raining off and on, heavy then light, not one tiny peek of the sun or blue sky to be found. The wind has been howling and threatening to take off with anything not secured. It's the kind of wind that's a little spooky sounding and makes me want to crawl directly under the covers. Shivers!

Yet, despite all the gloom outside my window, I decided not to let it get me down. Instead, I decided to fight fire with fire and create something über cute! Something that would make me feel sweet and toasty inside—take that you dark skies!

Now, I know this cute attack approach may not work for everyone, and if it's just not your cup-o-tea perhaps you can share it with someone who loves the cute like we love the cute here at hanasaurusrex!

So since I spend an exorbitant amount of time on my computer, I decided to make it a desktop wallpaper. Then this morning I saw a commercial for the special edition blu-ray release of Bambi and it brought back my earliest memory of going to the movies. I love little fawns—so cute! I wanted to create a scene where there's a cloudy sky, threatening to make the birdies cry, but the colors make you want to smile.

Free for you! To download, just click on the resolution size closest to your monitor, then right click on the image and select set as desktop background and chase those clouds away.

[1920x1200 widescreen] [1680x1050 widescreen] [1600x1200] [1024x768]


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