Friday, February 25, 2011

sneek peep!

Eeeeeee! If you could see me right now you'd be seeing the biggest smile EVAH! Evah.. evah? Evah.. evah.. evah.

I am just sooooo excited to be entering a new phase in production that I had to share the above photo pronoto! It's just a sneak peep, the shop won't be open still for a few more months *fingers crossed*... Gosh it feels like I've been saying that forever.

I thought, as one might think, that I would just have a bunch of cool ideas and then I would just buy the materials I needed to make said ideas, and then voila! All those cute little things would come to life just as I'd dreamed they would in my naive little brain.

Exit to the present, months and months later... after not being able to find the materials I needed and/or wanted, after having to wait until the bank account agrees with me that I can buy what I can find... and after trying to make some of the things I'd drawn up only to be sent back to the drawing board because I am no expert on anything and the only power tool I've ever owned, until now, was a small nail gun—now I am the proud owner of a scroll saw!

I guess what I'm getting at is... I had absolutely no idea the reality involved in product development. Not that it would have kept me from jumping in with both feet... But it may have let me know which shoes I should have been wearing!


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