Thursday, December 23, 2010

freebee friday - new year's eve fox and owl masks

It's another fantastic Freebee Friday folks! Now i'm all f'd out... I'm happy to be spreading the free wealth and I'm glad, at the very least, that Freebee Friday is keeping me from neglecting you all for longer than a week!
This Freebee Friday is full of mystery. Just in time for new year's eve we've got a couple of sweet party masks for you! The ever handsome fox and the sweet and wise owl brought to you by the lovely and charming hanasaurusrex! Did I just toot my own horn? Why, yes I did.

The free PDF download is yours to print out on your own home printer. Instructions are included and if you're feeling extra frisky you can always stray from the path and embellish your mask to match your party digs or what not!

approx. 6" wide
click to download pdf
hanasaurusrex Freebie Friday fox and owl masks.


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